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A Complete Sketching Took Kit

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This brush pack is pay what you want with 100% of all proceeds from every sale donated to The NAACP to further their mission to ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination.

I believe sketching is the backbone of ideation, personal growth, and creative growth. For this very reason, I wanted to create an all-around set of brushes capable of tackling almost any job. The SketchBox brush pack was developed to keep your mind on sketching and not worrying about what brush you need. Just pick a medium, relax, and enjoy. We’re in a digital age so the process should be fearless. It’s perfect for pros and hobbyists alike and can be used for any task you need to capture ideas or take visual notes. It’s even powerful enough to create finished pieces if needed.

 Sketch daily, and I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Updated for Procreate 5!
So what’s new?

  • Brushes can be reset to their default settings from the new “About This Brush” tab.
  • Each brush embedded with our official Ink Gang Boss seal.
  • The Aqua Paint and Aqua Amped brush are rebuilt from the ground up and now behave like watercolor brushes with zero hacks! Create beautiful, realistic, and continuous watercolor washes with full opacity and size control
  • Dry Shrub and Aqua Shrub brushes were improved with Procreate’s new brush dynamic features
  • Original Legacy brushes are included in the pack for die-hard fans of the original brushes
  • Updated installation instructions included in brush guide PDF
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Sketcher’s Pencil*
  • Boss Pen (Ballpoint Pen)
  • Boss Marker
  • Boss Brush (Inking and general purpose)
  • Conte Crayon*
  • Charcoal Stick*
  • Boss Roller
  • Aqua Paint
  • Aqua Amped
  • Just Water
  • Aqualiner Wash (Lettering Brush)
  • Aqua Shrub
  • Dry Shrub
  • Soft Air Spatter (Airbrush)
  • Rakey Flakey*
  • Glitched*

* Indicates brush is also a Smudge Tool

Extras Included:

  • 28-page PDF Brush + Install Guide
SketchBox for Procreate Sample Strokes

Note: Thes brushes are for Procreate 4+. They will not work in Photoshop!

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What Artists Are Saying

Bianca Esteban Portrait - Ronin Fude Samurai Inks for Procreate

“I am constantly on the lookout for good Procreate brushes and I stumbled across the Samurai Brush Set and fell in love!”—Samurai Inks

Bianca Esteban, @bianca.esteban
Aubree Eckhardt Art Illustration

“Love your brushes!!! “—Vintage Comic Ink Brushes

Aubree Eckhardt, @aubree_eckhardtart

“These brushes are super-fun to use.”— Samurai Inks

Brian Johnson, @brianjohnsonstudio
Apoc Design Illustration Testimonial

“These brushes add a flow and texture that feels traditional. LOVE THEM.”—Samurai Ink Brushes

Alan Close, @apocdesign

“The Modern Inker is my go-to brush! It’s crazy how much I like it.”—Vintage Comic Ink Brushes

Nerdwala Testimonial

“I love these brushes. They do what they set out to do so well.”—Vintage Comic Ink Brushes

Solid_B_Minus Profile Pic

“Really digging the Vintage Comic Set!”—Vintage Comic Ink Brushes

Eric Curry testimonial Profile Photo

“I’m loving this set!”—Samurai Inks

Wednesday Valencia Portrait

“These brushes are awesome and I highly recommend them!”—SketchBox Brush Pack