About Ink Gang Boss

No one cared what brushes I used.

Except me. I cared. I really cared.

I’ve drawn as far as I can recall. My toolset was made up of Pencils, charcoals, crayons, paints, and other traditional media. When I discovered, Procreate in 2011 there was no turning back.

Although its brushes were adequate, I longed for the look and feel of my traditional toolset. That’s when I decided to engineer my own. I started with a set of pencils and never looked back.

I soon realized I could create a pack with 20 or more decent brushes, but instead I took the time to fine-tune a handful of excellent ones that delivered the results I expected as a professional.

I test, edit, eliminate, re-test, create, test again, and again. Until each brush in each set has a purpose and the quality I expect. I use them often and if I find a way to make them better, I update them for you at no charge for life.

My brush sets are versatile and concise. I want to spend less time sifting through brushes and more time mastering my tools and executing my craft.

But always remember it’s not the brush, it’s how you use it. Whether my brushes or the stock brushes, the important thing is that you use them and learn them.

And if they are my brushes, I hope you enjoy them as much I do making and using them.

– Luis Aguirre –