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Vintage, Realistic Comic Ink Brushes for Procreate

Authentic Comic Book Inking

Are you a long-time comic book fan like me? Then you appreciate the art of inking. I crafted these brushes to mimic the vintage, comic-inspired look Procreate was missing. They deliver a subtle textured line that imitates the ink-bleed on old newsprint comic books. Modern versions are also included without the effect. Same feel but with a sharper edge. Perfect for adding natural touches and a more traditional feel to your line work.

A Complete and Professional Vintage Ink Kit for Procreate

Vintage Comic Ink Brush Features:

  • 10-Ink brushes for adding realistic comic-vibes to your art
  • 2-Halftone brushes for retro effects and shading
  • 4-High resolution, vintage paper textures
  • Next level paper-texture tutorial for added realism
  • Traditional look and feel
  1. 6B Pencil
  2. Vintage Inker
  3. Modern Inker
  4. Modern Inker Fat
  5. Janson Inker
  6. CrowQuill Pen
  7. Ashley Dry Brush
  8. Modern Tech Pen
  9. Vintage Tech Pen
  10. Paper Grain Inker
  11. 45 Halftone Line
  12. 45 Halftone Dot

Extras Included:

  • PDF Brush Guide
  • 4 High Resolution Vintage Paper Textures
  • Masking Color Palette
  • Paper Texture Tutorial

Note: Thes brushes are for Procreate 4+. They will not work in Photoshop!

Procreate Vintage Comic Book Ink Brush Kit only $6

Procreate Vintage Comic Ink Brushes Cover Image


Bianca Esteban Portrait - Ronin Fude Samurai Inks for Procreate

“I am constantly on the lookout for good Procreate brushes and I stumbled across the Samurai Brush Set and fell in love!”—Samurai Inks

Bianca Esteban, @bianca.esteban
Aubree Eckhardt Art Illustration

“Love your brushes!!! “—Vintage Comic Ink Brushes

Aubree Eckhardt, @aubree_eckhardtart

“These brushes are super-fun to use.”— Samurai Inks

Brian Johnson, @brianjohnsonstudio
Apoc Design Illustration Testimonial

“These brushes add a flow and texture that feels traditional. LOVE THEM.”—Samurai Ink Brushes

Alan Close, @apocdesign

“The Modern Inker is my go-to brush! It’s crazy how much I like it.”—Vintage Comic Ink Brushes

Nerdwala Testimonial

“I love these brushes. They do what they set out to do so well.”—Vintage Comic Ink Brushes

Solid_B_Minus Profile Pic

“Really digging the Vintage Comic Set!”—Vintage Comic Ink Brushes

Eric Curry testimonial Profile Photo

“I’m loving this set!”—Samurai Inks

Wednesday Valencia Portrait

“These brushes are awesome and I highly recommend them!”—SketchBox Brush Pack