Procreate Brushes
Back from the Grave!

Vintage Engraving and Distressed Brushes for Procreate

The Engrave and Decay Brush Pack

A set of Procreate engraving, ink and paint brushes. All in a state of decay. These are sure to add some character and style to any of your art projects.

This set includes 8-crafted brushes that have seen better days

  • Rusty Nail Inker: For when your line work or lettering wants to be scary and erratic.
  • Rotting Nib: A fountain pen a bit rough around the edges. Don’t poke yourself with the tip, you might turn… Into what? I can’t say.
  • Cemetery Sable: This paint brush has seen better days and should probably be thrown out, but it keeps coming back! ?
  • Spectral Ink: A ghastly wash brush that’s sure to make you see things you wish you hadn’t.
  • Splatterhouse: Jason, Michael and Dexter’s favorite. Add splatter or distress to any project.
  • 1, 2 and 3-Witch’s Finger Engraving Brushes: A set of antiquated engraving brushes for some vintage character and style. Crosshatch, etch, and ink like your from some old-timey era!

Read the testimonials from pros and enthusiasts below to see what other’s are saying about Ink Gang Boss brushes.

  • Rusty Nail Inker
  • Rotting Nib
  • Cemetery Sable
  • Spectral Ink
  • Splatterhouse
  • 1-Witch’s Finger (Engraving Brush)
  • 2-Witch’s Finger (Engraving Brush)
  • 3-Witch’s Finger (Engraving Brush)

Note: Thes brushes are for Procreate 4+. They will not work in Photoshop!

Engrave & Decay Brush Pack for Procreate Cover Image

Procreate Engrave and Decay Brushes only $6


What Artists Are Saying

Bianca Esteban Portrait - Ronin Fude Samurai Inks for Procreate

“I am constantly on the lookout for good Procreate brushes and I stumbled across the Samurai Brush Set and fell in love!”—Samurai Inks

Bianca Esteban, @bianca.esteban
Aubree Eckhardt Art Illustration

“Love your brushes!!! “—Vintage Comic Ink Brushes

Aubree Eckhardt, @aubree_eckhardtart

“These brushes are super-fun to use.”— Samurai Inks

Brian Johnson, @brianjohnsonstudio
Apoc Design Illustration Testimonial

“These brushes add a flow and texture that feels traditional. LOVE THEM.”—Samurai Ink Brushes

Alan Close, @apocdesign

“The Modern Inker is my go-to brush! It’s crazy how much I like it.”—Vintage Comic Ink Brushes

Nerdwala Testimonial

“I love these brushes. They do what they set out to do so well.”—Vintage Comic Ink Brushes

Solid_B_Minus Profile Pic

“Really digging the Vintage Comic Set!”—Vintage Comic Ink Brushes

Eric Curry testimonial Profile Photo

“I’m loving this set!”—Samurai Inks

Wednesday Valencia Portrait

“These brushes are awesome and I highly recommend them!”—SketchBox Brush Pack